Help me make the world a better place
Help me make the world a better place
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Passionart was a name that came easily to me. I guess it’s because I’m a passionate kind of person. I’m passionate about the power of positive energy that can be derived from nature and I’m passionate about having a healthy mind and body..and soul. I’m far from perfect abut I’m growing and developing new ways that seem to be making me very healthy and happier than ever. My art has come about as a result of Covid lockdowns and the inability to perform photoshoots As I would normally. It turns out that this art is bringing me so much joy. This weekend I’ve been able to get away camping and that right there is the very best way for me to reenergise.  I’ve got the guitar out and had a sing, taken photographs and worked with pastels.. sat by the fire, hot and cold, chatted non stop with my husband… taken long walks and picked flowers. The sights, smells and sounds have filled my senses and I look forward to creating a new art piece from this inspiration.  I hope you’re all getting your little slice of freedom

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