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Help me make the world a better place
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The deepest love

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Let me tell you a bit about us. I’m a mum to 6 beautiful children - our family is blended and each of us benefit from that. Blended families can be challenging - there are many horror stories out there, but ours is a real love story. My husband and I parent in a way that places each of our children in the very centre, they are equally loved and protected by us. We all sit at the table together for meals, they have jobs that they have to do eg. Dishes, keeping their rooms clean, putting the washing on… they’re aged 8,9,10,11,12 and 16. (5 boys 1 girl).  They all call us mum and dad despite having another mum and another dad. They know how lucky they are and how loved they are.  

At the front and centre of everything we do and everything we plan to do is our family. My husband Rich is a beautiful Irish man who puts the children and I first always. He puts me to shame in the kitchen and around the house.. he’s the cook, the cleaner, the organiser, the shopper.. I feel so lucky and the kids all absolutely adore him. 

Our blend is truly remarkable- The deepest of loves inspire me to create. Can you see it?


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