Help me make the world a better place
Help me make the world a better place
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PhotoArt by Nikki Young

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To those who want to know a little more about me… 

I started as a CHILD CARER working in early intervention with vulnerable children and families. My job involved helping parents with strategies in managing child behavioural issues. See KIDS AT HOME 

I also worked as a singer songwriter, I released an EP called Firecracker and won the National Australia songwriting comp in 1997. I went on to write music for ABC TV and travelled to London to pursue my music career.. until... I had my first child and my world changed dramatically!

My family grew... and grew and I released my creative energy through my camera and became a photographer. I also worked as a business writer and photographer for the local paper.

As a family, newborn and wedding photographer -  when covid restrictions took hold I was forced to diversify and I became an ARTIST 

It’s time I started to combine my works publicly. I’m a vegan promoting good health, @Plants for your plate  . I care for the world and our children. I care about teaching children to be able to say no and to make good choices.

Here are a very small number of my photo images which I haven’t yet been added images to my online shop but I welcome any direct messages from purchasers.


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