Help me make the world a better place
Help me make the world a better place
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I want to make the world a better place

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There is no ignoring the realities that face us on a daily basis... especially in this media age where we are bombarded with harsh images and recordings, from all over the world.. right into the intimacy of our very homes. There's no escaping it... but we don't have to absorb it all either. Negativity easily permeates our thoughts which inevitably has a knock on effect causing anxiety, depression, anger and sadness. 

I'm a mum to six gorgeous kids... ours is a 'Brady Bunch' family and to say I'm lucky is an understatement. One of the reasons I can say our Brady Bunch works as well as we do, is because we protect ourselves from too much negative energy. 

This might sound funny but we stopped eating meat just over a year ago, and since then we have become.. more gentle in our approach to life. We stopped eating meat simply because we wanted to live a healthier life and for our children to do the same.. but the byproduct of that decision is that we are impacting a wider world. We look at animals differently, we look at our planet differently. Call me a softy but I honestly feel that I'm more gentle than ever before. So... how is this relevant to my audience? Well, it tells you a little bit about my intention. I'm not about to make the world vegan, (although I believe the world would be a much better place) I just want to provide art to people who appreciate the positive energy it is made with. 

We can't block out all the harsh realities of the world and it's okay to feel sad, down or angry, but I suggest immersing yourself in good energy.. and that is why I make the art that I do.

I hope you enjoy it.


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