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Going un-plugged

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We're taking 5 of our 6 kids camping for 4 days. Now.. I saw this coming, I knew it would be raised fairly quickly and had to think for a moment about what my answer would/should be. "Can we take our screens?"  Secretly a part of me thought..  Yes... please bring your screens along to keep you busy... to keep you from nagging or complaining about having nothing to do.  BUT, after a quick 

pre-emptive conversation with Rich we knew our very clear and decisive answer would be a resounding NO. No screens. No laptops, no online anything.. So off we'll head for 4 days away, unplugged but armed with a guitar, art supplies, a set of cards, a chess set, a ball and swimmers... plus 2 dogs. That should be enough.
This should be fun. I hope the kids love it.
Looking forward to the mountain air and the gorgeous river and scenery. 

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  • Nikki Young on

    It was brilliant. The kids had so much fun. Card games, swimming, football, exploring and climbing trees. Not a screen in sight. So refreshing.

  • Joy Cavanagh on

    Well? How did that go???? Might have to send my 2 out to you for some lessons 🤩

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