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Help me make the world a better place
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Does unspent creativity go bad?

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Some really high quality oils like flaxseed oil will go bad if they’re left too long. I wonder if that happens with creativity also.. not that it goes bad in itself but that if your flow is stunted and you don’t get the opportunity to express creative ideas, there’s a risk of having a creativity crisis. I have these from time to time. If I don’t pick up the guitar and write some music I can start to get a little irritated. If I come up with creative ideas that I don’t manage to release, I get frustrated. It’s like the creativity back-up feels toxic. On the other hand though, when I’m regularly flowing with creative outlets, it feels like I’m doing what I’m meant to. 
I work with children and I often make up stories… I’ve got a story project in mind :) that’s a fun creative idea that will be lovely to get out. There’s nothing quite like the realisation of an imagined piece.

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